10 Traits Of Soul Sisters

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Soul sisters are more than just good friends. They are two women who connect on a spiritual level and have very similar energetic frequencies.

10 Traits Of Soul Sisters - Psychic Readings Guide

They have special bonds that support each other’s spiritual development and soul growth. They encourage each other, want the best for each other, and always encourage each other to shine their inner light. 

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Many believe that soul sisters have shared previous connections in a past life, and it is this that has led to such a strong bond that binds them together for life. 

If all this is resembling your relationship with a certain girlfriend of yours, then you may be soul sisters. 

Keep reading for 10 common traits that soul sisters possess, as you may have certain soul sisters in your life that you weren’t aware of before! 

You Feel You’ve Known Them For A Lifetime

Have you ever met someone for the first time, but felt you’ve known them before? You may feel a serious amount of familiarity when you first meet your soul sister. You can’t explain it, you just feel you’ve met them before. 

As you soon become friends, you’ll notice the magnetic connection between you both, and you can be completely yourself without any apologies.

The conversation will flow naturally, and silences are never awkward. You simply feel at home when you’re around them, and you never feel uncomfortable when you’re together. 

Your Energies And Personalities Are Similar

Your soul sister will relate to you as no one else can. You will never feel drained of energy when you’re around them, and you can have conversations that last hours without getting bored or tired of conversing.  

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Both of your thinking patterns are similar, so it is very easy to understand each other. She may already know how you’re feeling about a certain situation before you even say anything.

You also have very similar interests, so you’ll never run out of things to talk about. All in all, you simply love being around each other and enjoy each other’s company. You never feel suffocated around them, and they make your heart feel happy. 

You Understand Consistency

Soul sisters are there for each other no matter what the circumstances. Being there for each other requires no effort at all, it is just a part of your life. 

Whether you meet for a weekly coffee, or FaceTime each other every few weeks, you understand the importance of communication, and it comes effortlessly to both of you. 

Separation Does Not Matter 

Your soul sister may not live in the same city, or even the same state as you, but that doesn’t matter to either of you.

The distance will not affect your bond in the slightest, and although being apart from each other is hard, you are both still great at keeping in touch without any effort. 

You Feel Happiest When You’re With Her

You can’t help but feel your happiest self when you’re with your soul sister. You could be having the worst day imaginable, but the minute you spend some time with her, your soul and heart feel warm, happy, and comfortable. 

They Accept You For Who You Are 

You never need to pretend to be someone you’re not around your soul sister, and you haven’t got to hold back any parts of your personality, even the traits that aren’t so great. 

Your soul sister accepts and loves you for who you are through and through, and you can feel this too, which is why you’ve never felt you need to hold back when you’re with her.

You can be vulnerable, angry, sad, or any emotion in the book (Check out these Angel Books) , and she’ll never judge you for it. 

This is because she understands you as no one else does. 

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She Brings Out The Best In You

Many believe that friendships like these bring out the best in each other. They believe that the universe has brought them together in order to help their souls evolve. 

You may notice that this friendship brings out the best qualities in you, such as selflessness, love, joy, compassion, and peace. You look up to your soul sister, and she influences you to become your best self, and you have the same effect on her. 

Talking To Them Feels Very Therapeutic

If you ever feel overwhelmed about a situation, speaking to your soul sister about whatever is going on, feels very therapeutic. Once you get all your words out to her, you don’t feel so alone anymore. 

This is because, as we’ve mentioned already, she understands you like no one else does.

With others, you may feel you need to censor certain things about your personality, but with her, you can speak about your darkest, weirdest thoughts without feeling awkward and embarrassed. 

Opening up to her feels very healing for your soul, in a way that is very hard to explain, but you know it deep down. 

You Feel Butterflies

You Feel Butterflies

While this sounds more like something you’d feel around a crush, butterflies can occur during regular joyful occasions without the idea of romantic love. 

You and your bestie may be about to go and do something new and exciting, or you may just be up to your regular antics. 

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Whatever the occasion, you’ll feel butterflies and an overwhelming sense of happiness when your soul sister connection is in full swing, making you feel safe and warm on the inside. 

You Genuinely Feel Happy For Her Success

Unfortunately, there are certain people in life that find it hard to feel genuine joy for other people’s successes. This could be down to jealousy, or perhaps they aren’t happy with their own lives.

This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to you and your soul sister. You both feel ultimate joy when the other succeeds in something. Her success is your success and vice versa. 

You both know that the other person is capable of amazing things, and seeing them achieve those things fills you with pride and joy at the fact that your best friend is excelling in life.

Final Thoughts 

Throughout your lifetime, you may meet someone that connects with you on a deeper level than anyone you’ve met before. 

They feel familiar and comforting, and you can’t shake the feeling that you’ve met before. 

If this has happened to you, you may have been fortunate enough to have met your soul sister. Many believe that you have both shared a connection in a previous life, which is why you’ve felt you’ve met each other before. 

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Once you spark up a friendship, you can’t imagine your life without them, and whenever you’re with them you feel an insane amount of comfort and happiness that you can’t even explain. 

Once you find your soul sister, you should never let her go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Soul Sister, A Twin Flame? 

Soul sisters and twin flames are both different. Soul sisters are people we encounter in life with that we have a very deep connection, but we have different souls. 

A twin flame, however, is the same soul split into two bodies. Twin flames share strengths as well as weaknesses and sometimes find it hard to make partnerships due to them being very similar. 

Soul sisters, on the other hand, connect very easily and bring out the best in each other. 

When Are You Likely To Meet Your Soul Sister? 

There is never a set time in your life when you are going to meet your soul sister. You can meet as children, growing through life together, or you can meet as adults, in the most unexpected of ways. 

When you meet, there’s a very comfortable energy between the two of you that is very hard to explain, it can only be felt.

This can happen in any circumstances, you can meet at a party, or unexpectedly in a store. You will both just feel a gravitational pull toward each other. 

Can You Have More Than One Soul Sister? 

You can absolutely have more than one soul sister. You can meet several of them in one lifetime. 

As has already been mentioned, your soul sister shares an inexplicable bond with you, making you both connected on a spiritual and emotional level. You are both there for each other through thick and thin. 

You may also find that introducing a new soul sister to another, enables them to also share the same bond. You could end up with an entire sisterhood if your fellow soul sisters find the same connection with each other! 

What Is A Soul Tie, And How Does It Differ From A Soul Sister? 

A soul tie is referred to as a spiritual or emotional cording. It is a powerful emotional bond to another soul. When you are around this person, you may feel like they complete you. 

This differs from soul sisters, in the sense that soul ties are likely to occur after being intimate with someone. Soul sisters are purely friendships, with no romantic entanglements.

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