What Could It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You

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As a species, we are naturally drawn to the bright colors and serene fluttering of a butterfly.

What Could It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You

Even when you’re at your lowest, the sight of a butterfly can be enough to bring a smile to your face.

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It can remind you that life and nature are beautiful, and should be something to treasure. 

You feel lucky to be able to even see one, let alone have one land on you (Check Out What  Does It Mean When Dragonfly Lands On You).

Which is why whenever a butterfly lands on you, it’s a magical experience. You feel blessed to be the one the butterfly has chosen.

But why has it chosen you? What could it mean and is it a positive thing? Don’t worry we’re here to give you the answers. 

There are many meanings behind butterflies depending on where they land, what kind of butterfly it is, and what colors they are. We will cover all of it for you.

General Meanings 

First let’s get into some general meanings of butterflies.

While we will go into specifics, sometimes it’s easier to just memorize the overall symbolism of butterflies.

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  • They can remind you that you matter. No matter what anyone says you deserve your place in the world. Life has a way of making us feel insignificant, but even a butterfly in its short life has brought you joy. We live much longer than butterflies and so our life must have meaning.
  • That you need to relax. Sometimes life can be stressful but you need to relax to be able to get the most out of it. Butterflies show us that sometimes you need to slow down to enjoy the experience. Maybe sit down and enjoy some flowers
  • To take care of yourself. Sometimes caring for others around you needs to take a backseat. Your own well being should be your first priority. While caring for others can be rewarding, if you burn yourself out then you will have nothing to give others. Even the butterfly, who is constantly pollinating, takes a break every now and then.
  • Don’t give up. No matter what may happen, it’s important to stay true to yourself. Even when it feels like you’re making no progress at all, you’ve got to understand that life is about lots of little steps. You may make the occasional lead but you’re always progressing forward.
  • Like the butterfly, it’s important to not feel trapped anymore. While we can’t fly like a butterfly, we can still explore the world we live in. Either through traveling the world, exploring the local area, or freeing our mind. Sometimes our biggest trap is the one we made for ourselves.
  • To remind you that bad things will end, and that good times are waiting for you. No matter how difficult a situation may be, there are always butterflies in the world to show you that there is good.
  • While butterflies are messengers from the other side, they might just be visiting to say hello. It doesn’t always have to be some important message, maybe they just want to share the joy of the world with you.
  • Getting out of your comfort one. The chrysalis of the metamorphosis process represents the human comfort zone. You need to get out there and spread your wings. This can be your sign to start a new hobby. Let the butterfly be the strength you need to admit you’re not good at something yet, but you are willing to learn.

The most common meaning of butterflies is in transformation. Due to their metamorphosis, a butterfly goes through lots of changes throughout their life.

They are there to show you that you can go through the changes too and come out of it as your own beautiful butterfly.

Where It Lands On Your Body

If you are lucky enough to have a butterfly land on you, then depending on where could give you different meanings.


If a butterfly lands on your head then they’re wishing you luck towards the big changes in your life.

They are showing you that you are going to grow as a person and find your inner truth.

Some people also believe that the butterfly is imparting its wisdom onto you. This wisdom can be the words of a loved one or advice from the spirit realm.


While being a very picturesque moment, a butterfly landing on your nose means that someone is thinking about you.

It reminds you that you are loved and cared for. In turn you can think about that person and hope a butterfly lands on their nose.

It also means that you are due to take a leap of faith, that soon you will have to make an important decision.

No matter how colossal the leap may feel, you will always land safely.


There are many reasons why a butterfly could land on your shoulder.

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The first is that it’s telling you that you’re about to embark on a new journey. The butterfly is wishing you luck on your adventure.

The next is that someone close to you needs help. The butterfly is acting as a messenger for them and believes that you can help.

Sometimes people won’t ask for help because they’re scared, this is where you need to extend your hand.

Finally, a butterfly landing on your shoulder could be comforting. After a great loss the butterfly could be helping you cope with your grief.

Some people believe that it is the actual person you lost reassuring you that they’re okay and have moved on safely.


If a butterfly lands on your hand, it can sense you have a peaceful soul. A butterfly is so fragile but it trusts you with delicate tasks.

It could be a sign that you are about to go through some spiritual growth.

That you may face some challenges but you will come out of it stronger. The butterfly is literally taking you by your hand to lead you through this journey.

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Also, it could mean that you are heading down the right path in life. That you’re able to make positive changes in both your life, and other peoples.


If you’re pregnant or soon to be expecting a child, then unfortunately this could be a sign of future loss.

What Could It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You

The butterfly could’ve been sent to help the child to move on.

However, if you believe that butterflies are the spirits of deceased loved ones, then it could be a family member congratulating you on the life you’re creating.


This means that you are heading down the right path and that good things are coming your way.

It symbolizes that the worst of the obstacles have passed and that you’re now free to live your life.


This is a sign of happiness, that success is sure to come for you.

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The butterfly is preparing you for these changes so that you can go into them with a positive mindset.

What Does A Monarch Butterfly Mean

The monarch butterfly is one of the most common butterflies and is recognisable by its orange, black and white wings.

Its life process going from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis, before eventually becoming a butterfly, is one of the reasons why all butterflies symbolize transformation.

Being the most commonly seen butterfly, the monarch is usually the one to bring you the news of your transformation.

Having a monarch butterfly land on you means that you are going to go through a growth period.

There are going to be some changes in your life that will require you to adapt to overcome them.

This could be a change in career, moving to a new house, or even changing partners. The monarch butterfly is all about indicating some form of transition. 

As is the nature of most butterflies, the monarch in particular represents people you have lost.

If the monarch butterfly lands on your head, hand or stomach then that means a deceased loved one has come back to visit you.

Butterflies are typically used in the spirit world as a medium of which to pass messages.

Every year in Mexico during Dia de Los Muertos (day of the dead), monarch butterflies come to the country.

There they’re considered to be the representation of the souls of the deceased and are celebrated.

These meanings also apply to the Viceroy butterfly. They look exactly like the monarch, only they’re smaller.

So if you see either of these butterflies you know that good fortune is to come.

Color Meanings

The color of the butterfly could also vary the meanings it brings.


Black butterflies do not necessarily mean that bad luck is going to befall you, it could just be a warning of misfortune.

Typically they mean that something is going to end. This isn’t cause for concern, because whenever something ends there is always something beginning.

The thing coming to an end could also be a good thing, for example an end to a toxic relationship or the end of an internal conflict.

A black butterfly could be a sign that you need to look inside yourself to find the bad things.

Loving oneself is hard, but if we’re able to improve internally on the parts we don’t like, then we’re on the road to happiness. Black butterflies are a sign that we may need to work on self improvement.

They could also be the sign you need to grieve. Sometimes life is cruel and it is okay to take a step back to mourn all that you have lost. As long as you’re able to move on from it, then you can take all the time you need to heal.

Some black butterflies: Black Swallowtail, Weidermeyer’s Admiral, Crimson Patch


One of the rarer colors to see in nature, a blue butterfly is said to have the ability to fulfill wishes.

Blue butterflies are also said to be full of creative power, leading you to have great success. 

They show you to look at the joy in life, to consider your surroundings and take pleasure in where you’re heading.

A blue butterfly reaffirms you that you’re going down the right path.

Some blue butterflies: Common Blue, Blue Morpho, Mexican Bluewing


Brown butterflies represent health and wellness, whether your own illness or others; they are a sign that things will soon get better.

They are also a sign to check in on your mental health. They’re indicating that you’re ready to move on from whatever is ailing you. Any action that you need to take, you are strong enough to take it.

A brown butterfly symbolizes good fortune coming your way. Specifically spiritual fortune rather than physical fortune. 

Some brown butterflies: Common Buckeye, Common Wood Nymph, Mourning Cloak


Green butterflies are unique in that they represent good monetary fortune.

You may not necessarily get rich but finding a spare note in your bag is always welcome. They also symbolize prosperity in life.

They can also symbolize that aspects of your life are thriving, either your career or relationships.

Green is generally associated with luck and green butterflies follow this trend.

What Could It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You

Some green butterflies: Green Hairstreak, Emerald Peacock Swallowtail, Obrina Olivewing


The meaning of orange butterflies can vary based on the shade of them.

Generally lighter orange gives spiritual meaning, whereas darker orange has more emotional symbolism.

Overall, seeing an orange butterfly means that you have to remove your fear.

Your hesitation is what’s stopping you from moving forward in your life. Only when you are free of fear are you able to take the first steps towards recovery.

The butterfly is encouraging you to engage more in the world around you, find what’s truly important to you.

Of course it is always important to take time for yourself. You need to seek your own goals in life rather than follow everyone’s expectations of you.

Some orange butterflies: Pearl Crescent, Orange Sulphur, Sleepy Orange


Red butterflies indicate success in love. They are powerful spirits who promise romance in your life.

They can also symbolize love for oneself. One of the hardest challenges in life is learning to love yourself as much as you love other people, red butterflies are there to help on that journey.

They could also be a sign of approaching danger and are warning you to be cautious.

Some red butterflies: Red Lacewing, Postman, Scarlet Peacock


Purple butterflies carry a more spiritual meaning when compared to other butterflies.

They indicate that you will soon receive a great gift. That you should follow your spiritual talents and help others. 

Them landing on you is a sign that someone is thinking about you. It also gives strength to your intuition and helps you progress on the adventure that is life. 

Some purple butterflies: Purple Emperor, Purple Hairstreak, Northern Pearly Eye


A yellow butterfly brings with it all the emotions you would commonly associate with its color: joy, hope, happiness and optimism. They are the best sign that something good is going to happen.

Yellow butterflies can also be there to warn us about upcoming dangers, they are trying to help you feel prepared to take on any challenges.

They are reminding you to face every challenge with love and kindness, as that will conquer all evil.

They are also your sign to trust yourself more, when you put in the effort you can achieve any goal.

Sometimes you may believe that you aren’t capable of achieving something, yellow butterflies are there to show you that anything is possible.

Some yellow butterflies: Southern Dogface, Little Yellow, Two-tailed Swallowtail


White butterflies are a symbol of purity and are there to guide you through your spiritual journey.

They are said to be messengers from the spirit world. 

They represent new beginnings in life. This could be through opportunity or simply reaching a new stage in your life. Prepare yourself for some important conversations.

Due to their innocent nature, the white butterflies could also be telling you to forgive yourself.

You are your own harshest critic and sometimes you need to be kinder to yourself.

Some white butterflies: Cabbage White, Great Southern White, Checkered White

What It Means If It Lands On Your Window

It is generally considered to bring good fortune when a butterfly lands on your window.

Either through physical or emotional gain. This could be a new opportunity that will open itself to you, or you will become strong as a person due to some external circumstances.

They also symbolize that someone is thinking of you and they want you to contact them.

Think of the butterfly as like their emotional messenger. Reaching out is hard and sometimes you need the help of a small winged insect.

A butterfly by your window could also be leading you to your soulmate or indicating that you might find them soon.

Butterflies are said to be in tune to a person’s soul, so if anything knows how to spot soulmates, it’s them

The idea behind the butterfly being outside the window while you’re inside could be a sign that you are being your own jailor. It is time to move on and free yourself from the prison you built.

The Meaning Of When They Fly Around You

If you ever see butterflies flying around you, never disregard it. They’re trying to inform you of something and all you need to do is listen.

Trust your intuition, you may have known the answer all along, you just needed someone to help you find it.

A butterfly circling you is a sign that change is about to happen that will lead you down a completely different path.

They are trying to indicate that you need to be like a butterfly and be adaptive in order to prepare for these changes.

What If The Butterfly Stays On You

It is the greatest gift when a butterfly stays on you for a long period of time. It shows that you are a trustworthy person and the butterfly knows you will protect it.

What Could It Mean When A Butterfly Lands On You

The butterfly is probably imparting its wisdom onto you as a thanks for allowing it to rest safely. Trust your gut on what it’s trying to tell you and remember to thank it.

Some people also believe that when a butterfly stays on you, it’s a sign that your spirit animal has come to visit (You might also want to check out the Deer Spiritual Meaning).

They may be trying to guide you or tell you something important.

Meanings In Different Cultures And Religions


Butterflies were a symbol of comfort, specifically comfort sent from passed relatives. Or they were the literal manifestation of the relative.

They considered it rude to smell the top of a bouquet of flowers since that is where the butterflies (and thus the spirits) would visit. You would always sniff a bouquet from the side.


The Celts believed that butterflies were the physical manifestation of souls that were waiting to move on.

Specifically, white butterflies were the souls of children. They believed that butterflies meant good fortune as the spirits were looking over you so you shouldn’t destroy them.

Also, they believed that butterflies represented God’s fire and the power he holds.


While butterflies are never directly referenced in the bible, Christians relate them to the resurrection of Christ.

This is because of the butterfly’s transformation from a caterpillar to a creature with wings. They also see the butterfly as a symbol of hope.

The main interpretation of butterflies in Christianity is that they’re a representation of angels.

Christians believe that angels take the form of butterflies in order to deliver messages and affirm their faith.

It could also be your personal guardian angel coming down to support you throughout times of crisis.


In Chinese culture, the butterfly represents the mortality of humans and the immortality of the soul.

The butterfly shows the beauty of the soul and the freedom it has.

They can also mean eternal love and marital bliss, especially when you see two of them flying together.

This is due to the story of a man following a butterfly into the Mandarin’s palace and falling in love with the Mandarin’s daughter.

You will commonly find them on romantic cards between spouses and jade butterflies being given as gifts.


In English mythology, the amount of butterflies you see flying together can determine their meaning.

If you spot three flying together then you are destined for good luck. If there are four then they’re witches incarnate.

They also believe that red butterflies are evil and should be considered a bad omen.


The word ‘psyche’ in formal Greek means butterfly and is also the term for soul.

This is because butterflies were seen as the soul’s breath or essence. The Greeks believed that when you passed on, your soul would depart in the form of a butterfly.

Psyche was also the name of Eros’ human lover who later became the goddess of the soul. She is always depicted as having butterfly wings.


In Japanese culture, it is believed that the deceased take the shape of a white butterfly.

It said that when one lands on you it is a recently deceased relative who has come to say goodbye.

If one lands on you and you’ve had no recent passes then you need to focus on your own health. It could be warning you of problems to come.

The butterfly also symbolizes girls becoming women. It can represent womanhood and feminine beauty. 


In the Jewish faith, butterflies are a symbol of hope. They particularly mean that you need to rise above the grief and pain in order to get a better tomorrow.

Native American

In Native American beliefs, it is said that butterflies are the loved ones who have vanished.

The Blackfeet tribe believe that butterflies can help you have serene dreams.

These dreams would be messages from the spirit world. They would decorate children’s blankets and beds in butterflies so that they can have good dreams.

Butterflies In Dreams

When you see a butterfly in a dream try to understand the situation it arose during, and what your emotions were at the time.

Much of the symbolism surrounding dream butterflies is the same as butterflies in reality. Your subconscious is merely showing you what you need.

It could also be your spirit guide coming to you in your dreams. Once again, listen to your instincts about what they’re trying to tell you.


Whenever you see a butterfly in nature it is always a good sign. You can probably expect some positive change to happen or support from others.

Trust your gut, your intuition is your strongest weapon and will guide you in life. What one butterfly means to someone might mean something completely different for you.

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